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BBDO NEW YORK, New York / PEPSICO / 2015

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Nothing helps you start a legendary time like the energizing blast of Mountain Dew Kickstart.

The spot features a guy telling his buddy about what he did last night after chugging a Mtn Dew Kickstart. It starts normal then quickly amplifies as his voice changes into an epic storyteller voice that passionately recounts an exotic and adrenaline-fueled adventure full of absurd twists and turns.


Hosted on YouTube, the film utilized annotated “windows within windows” at the end of the spot. Viewers were prompted to “Go ahead. Touch stuff.” and could explore the room with their cursor to uncover a slew of bonus videos, each more ridiculous and unexpected than the last. To further the experience, we even placed a “special” annotation over the door. If clicked, users would be taken out of the room and brought to the street where they’d unlock a whole new batch of absurd bonus videos.

With this, we created YouTube’s first-ever “Windows Within Windows…Within Windows” experience.


Online engagement with “Windows Within Windows” significantly increased the impact of our Come Alive TV spot. To date:

• +7M extended video views

• +552,070 bonus video views, with 80% watching through completion

• 12% more effective in driving volume versus previous campaign year, and doubled expected paid view estimates (3M vs. 1.5M)

The idea garnered almost 3M PR impressions and 31,712 shares on Facebook.

The overall campaign helped lift product awareness with our male target by nine points within the first three months, giving Mountain Dew Kickstart just the kick it needed to become a memorable iconic brand.

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