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Mr. Cue

CHEIL PENGTAI, Shanghai / undefined / 2016

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Introducing Mr. Cue, a sticker embedded with an NFC chip. By putting it up on the bottle of Yili Everyday probiotic drink,we turn it into a social relationship coach.Wherever there’s a bottle of Yili Everyday probiotic drink nearby, we can better manage the trivial matters in our lives. Anyone can benefit from this invention. Couples, colleagues, friends.


Enabled with NFC technology, the sticker only requires the user to place his/her mobile phone close to it to activate its HTML5 interface. The voice-operated interface provides a great amount of convenience. Speak to enter “who”, “when”, “what to remind”, and it’s done. The person to be reminded will receive the reminder at designated time. With the help of an existing technology, the Mr. Cue NFC sticker enables millions of products to take on new functions.


For stressed-out office workers in China, this marketing innovation helps to improve their social relationships. YILI has successfully built an image to not only cares about consumer’s physical health, but also pay attention to their mental wellness. Added value for brands comes from connecting consumer demands to positive brand association, and we did it!