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Multipower only sells its protein powder when people go to the gym. The existing target group (bodybuilders) goes to the gym a lot: 5-7 days a week. But how could we reach the larger group of sport enthusiasts who want to workout, but don´t have the time to go to the gym? Introducing: The Multipower Musclecap. A simple adaptation to our existing product design. We replaced the cap of our protein powder bottles by a handle inspired by the age-old kettlebell – and turned it into a workout tool. Just screw off the old cap, fill the empty bottle with water or sand (for a weight up to 12 kg) and screw on the new Musclecap. Now you can get a full-body workout wherever you are.


The Multipower Musclecap is an innovative one-component adaptation to our existing package design. Inspired by the kettlebell we replaced the old cap of our protein bottles by the Musclecap – a handle that turns our package into a workout tool. For our customers it is easy to use: Screw off the old cap, fill the empty bottle with water or sand and screw on the new Musclecap. For a full-body workout our customers can check our online tutorial at with five efficient exercises. The exercises were specifically adapted to the Multipower Musclecap workout tool by finess experts. Getting to the workout is easy: customers must simply scan a QR-code that is right on the Musclecap. A first batch of fully functional Musclecaps has been produced and successfully promoted at sport nutrition stores. As soon as we have finished analysing sales numbers and customer feedback the Multipower Musclecap is ready for mass production.


In a market with little differences between products, brands and their designs the Musclecap makes Multipower truly stand out. On the shelves (because it is now simply bigger than the competitors). And also in the lives of fitness enthusiasts. The Multipower Musclecap offers them a real solution to their problem of not having the time to go to the gym. The original brief of expanding our customer base from hard-core bodybuilders to the much larger group of fitness enthusiasts is fully met. At the same time the Musclecap shifts the image of Multipower from “just another protein powder producer“ to outstanding, innovative sports nutrition brand. Sales increases by 40% during our promotions encourage Multipower to now go into mass production and make the Musclecap a long term brand encouraging. The Multipower Musclecap is a true game changer – for the market, the customer and the brand.

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