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We had to create a new brand of lawyers that would generate enough confidence for prospective clients so they trust their situations to the company, we wanted to do it with a fresh style that would differentiate them from the competition, without making their work look unserious.

We We deeply explored the category and we find out law is very complex, it is full of technicalities that ordinary people do not understand easily, so this vocabulary and technicalities become a Wall between people and lawyers.


The Law Firm is located in the capital of the country (Bogotá, Colombia) and they wanted to focus thecommunication to two groups of people:

First group: Those that use new technologies and who are between 4 and 6 socioeconomic level ( from 1 to 6 in Colombia) people between 25 and 40 years of age, who use natural and fluid internet, email and cell phone.

Second group: People between 25 and 55 years of age, who are between 4 and 6 socioeconomic level, who arrived to come Mutuo Abogados via email, printed information or voice to voice and then they would be directed by Mutuo to online services.

In conclusion, we should reach people who do not know how to solve a legal problem, or who knew how to do it, but needed a lawyer along the way.


Law is complex. It has elements and technicalities that can confuse anyone.

But how to bring law to people without it losing its essence?

We created a brand that stands out from the rest,

making the complex world of law simpler for its clients. We are inspired by codes of the same category: printing, text blocks, underlined words to emphasize what is relevant, we made visible what is hidden behind confusing and distant terms.

The comunication allowed the Brand to deliver a message to their clients with underlined words to emphasize what is relevant, we also apply the concept on merchandising pieces thet were used to show a relation between law and daily life.

We developed this project digitally and using mass media, in this way we helped people to be closer to law, making it more clear, friendly and reliable.


We created a disruptive brand that generated greater connection with the audiences, which increased the number of contacts and alliances for the client and therefore their sales.

Renowned firms from real estate and urban area were interested in the brand, creating strategic alliances. Today, the brand continues to grow and thanks to its didactic approach, we are creating a sub-brand focused on the education category.

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