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AKQA, San Francisco / VERIZON / 2017

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How do you put the customer at the center of America’s leading wireless network? By using human-centered design to completely reimagine the end-to-end journey, providing a more transparent, effortless and personalized service model. With a tap, customers can seamlessly access on-demand data usage, parental controls, radically simplified billing, and a new A.I. powered conversational support model that delivers personalized solutions instantly and gains intelligence with each use. Each feature is meticulously crafted to solve customer problems and elevate the overall brand experience while delivering business value.


Completely reimagining a consumer experience as large and complex as Verizon’s isn’t a simple task. Collaboration between 120 individuals from multiple teams over the course of 6 months was essential to success. Avoiding the common pitfalls of departmentalization, lengthy timelines, and a fragmented experience required the design teams and internal stakeholders to work seamlessly together. Tackling a challenge of this size meant rejecting all the traditional ways of working.

Agile teams dedicated their efforts on key sections of the app. Each team consisted of specialists from Creative Design, User Experience, Data Analytics, IT, and Project Management disciplines. Through the lens of a multi-disciplinary perspective, research and test plans extracted the comprehensive needs and wants of customers. This set a roadmap of critical themes to assess even before any designs were produced. By focusing on features essential for everyday use, the voice of the customer turned into the requirements of design. These were derived through analysis from questions that illuminated user preferences and nuances. Together, they added up to the critical themes that made up true satisfaction. Through iterative user testing, each feature was meticulously crafted to streamline activities and give the user more control with less work.


Since launch - early July 2016 through January 2017 - My Verizon has increased sales conversion 15.6X, with usage is up over 50%. Bill payments have risen from 68% to 85% in the new app, auto pay subscriptions buoyed 27%, and paperless billing enrolment jumped 2.3X. And the overall reduction in the cost to serve will accelerate even more as more of Verizon’s customers are eligible to join the app.

Early indications of customer satisfaction for the app have been extremely strong, with 4 in 5 people rating the app as either “very good” or “excellent.” Perhaps most impressive, 47% strongly agreed that the app was all they need to keep track of their account. By eliminating internal barriers, and placing the customer at the heart of Verizon’s business, the new My Verizon now enables 113 million customers to have complete control of their network.

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