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DENTSU INC., Tokyo / OJI NEPIA CO.,LTD. / 2019

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Most Japanese consumers were not conscious of being responsible when using paper, and Japan is ranked 3rd in the world for paper usage. nepia’s products have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and this company wanted to convey the importance of protecting the forest to the consumers, because 67% of the land in Japan is covered by forest.


Using nepia’s tissue paper helps sustainable growth of forest because nepia’s products use FSC-Certified paper.

We produced a special tissue box that shows a picture of the forest as more and more tissues are used.

This tissue box expresses the message, “The more you use nepia’s tissues, the more you protect the forest,” through an artwork made from paper-cutting, which is a traditional technique in Japan.

Animals and trees appear through the color inside the box as you use the tissues. We made the design attractive also to appeal to those who may not be interested in environmental issues in the hope that they may like it and display in their homes. Refills available for long-term use.


We developed 2designs

“beautiful forest” tells the message that “ Protecting forests is Protecting animals and plants.”

“mother river” tells the message that “Protecting forests make river clean, so fishes and riparian life will be protected.” The motif of the drawing on the package is the creatures living in Japan such as “Hokkaido-Deer”, Natural monument fish “Ito” and so on.

To conveying that using tissue-paper is protecting environment, we colored inside of the box, as people uses tissue-paper, the more beautiful silhouette occurs.

To convey the importance of protecting nature, and using paper carefully, we put beautiful cutout art on the box.

Also, we made the both ends of box openable in order to help put refill into the box.

In April 2019, this product released to public because the design of this product gained a reputation in the exhibition, and also, took many requests of commercializing.


This product received 1st prize at the Tokyo Lohaco Exhibition in October 2018 where there was a lot of new products for sustainable society were displayed.

As it was evaluated, this product will be on sale from April 2019.

More than 17,000people came to this exhibition.

We achieved to changing the ECO consciousness among people through the design of this product. We got positive review from people who left comment on LOHACO web site.

Because of this unique design, it was picked up by a lot of medias in Japan, including one of the most famous news program. As a result, Nepia left a strong impression to the public as a company who is highly conscious of forest preservation for coming up with such a unique design, not limiting itself to an eco-friendly mark on the box.