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Netflix FYSEE 360

SUBVRSIVE, Austin / NETFLIX / 2021

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Every year during awards season, Netflix hosts a huge brand activation called FYSEE that features panels, screenings, and installations all designed to promote the network’s standout content.

Last year, due to the pandemic, FYSEE was cancelled.

Wanting to immerse voters, the press, and fans in the network’s best shows despite the cancellation, Netflix reimagined FYSEE as a digital experience. The result was FYSEE 360: an interactive website featuring a series of intricately designed 360° videos that invite users to step into the worlds of Netflix’s most beloved shows. Users can descend the carpeted red steps of Buckingham Palace in The Crown, stop by the Hardings’ backyard from Dead to Me, or stand behind the competition table from The Queen’s Gambit. They can also interact with hotspots throughout their journey, to explore behind-the-scenes videos, interviews with cast and crew, and more.


Because the original purpose of FYSEE 360 was to shine a spotlight on Netflix's award-contending content, the experience was created as a series of interactive 360° videos; each one thoughtfully designed to immerse visitors in a different Netflix series.

Each video begins by whisking users from the outskirts of the scene into the heart of the digital environment, enveloping them in the music, sights, and sounds of the show along the way. Once settled, users are free to click and drag (or move their mobile device) to change their view. To encourage users to engage with and explore the spaces fully, interactive hotspots and points of visual interest were placed throughout each 360° scene.

In creating FYSEE 360, the production team worked hand-in-hand with Netflix show runners to identify the most memorable locations from each show and zero in on specific details and objects that true fans would appreciate. For instance, anyone exploring The Queen's Gambit environment who shifts their gaze upward will notice an inverted chessboard affixed to the ceiling. This is a nod to the main character Beth Harmon’s ability to visualize chess games entirely in her mind. It was the attention to details like these that truly brought the environments to life.

FYSEE 360 first launched on August 3rd, 2020 during the peak of the Emmy voting season. Then, in mid-December, the current version of the experience launched with a slightly different lineup of shows and some new bonus content. This latest version includes ten 360° videos inspired by The Queen’s Gambit, The Crown, Ozark, Ratched, Space Force, Big Mouth, Dead to Me, Hollywood, Queer Eye, and BoJack Horseman. Users can experience FYSEE 360 on desktop or mobile.

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