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An iconic curtain call for an iconic show.

Netflix was going live with Money Heist’s last season in India – season 5, available in three local Indian languages (Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi). It had the potential to reach wider audiences and be acquisitive across very distinct cultural landscapes. And thus, become a tentpole campaign.

While sticking to key global beats, Netflix also wanted to create a campaign that was unique to India and the fandom in this key market.

The key goals for the campaign were to:

- Celebrate the fans

- Drive big conversation

- Expand audience reach

- Build awareness of local dubs on the Netflix service

- Ensure the franchise lived long beyond its release


Jaldi Aao - Capturing the mood, just right

With the date announcements of Money Heist last season, the anticipation around the title in India had been massive. We took that hype and excitement to a whole new level for Indian fans with an anticipation anthem that captured their fervour:

An Indian rendition of Bella Ciao, tweaking the chorus lyrics to Heist fans singing “Jaldi Aao” (come soon).

With this anthem, we created a hero asset that:

- Captured local India and its unique fandom for the series through relatable everyday instances and festivities, also roping in a broad swathe of celebrities across the length and breadth of India.

- Amalgamated the major languages in which the show was to be released, emphasizing its availability in dubbed languages.


The recipe for a power packed delivery

To create massive impact, we needed a property that:

- Built excitement as well as added to the final season’s memorability

- Harped on the existing love for the show, and through it, dialing up love for brand Netflix.

- Would be youthful and could make Money Heist the talk of the town as the coolest, latest show that just couldn’t be missed.

- Would cut across fans of different ages, and preferences.

- Showcased that Netflix’s international content is made for regional Indian consumption through various language dubs, going beyond just a select few audiences.

Music videos and Celebrity power are big in India, cutting across its geographic and demographic diversity. So, we leveraged the power of both these mega assets to create a piece of communication that wouldn’t go off anyone’s lips.


Going big bang with all the jing bang, for mega impact.

The Money Heist Jaldi Aao Anthem was no less than a mega blockbuster in itself. The anthem track created by renowned musician Nucleya was further amplified by including influential celebrities Anil Kapoor, Hardik Pandya, Rana Daggubati, Shruti Hassan, Radhika Apte and Vikrant Massey in the asset, to highlight just how far-reaching Money Heist fandom was. Critically, this enabled Netflix to reach newer, wider audiences, over and above Money Heist’s existing fan base.

Netflix also released 7 talent shorties for each of the celebrities that were featured in our Jaldi Aao anthem.

The film was launched on Netflix India’s social media platforms and the 7 extensions on talent pages. We went very wide on TV, radio, streaming platforms and OTT to make sure this earworm was playing in everyone’s head, and our fans beseeching Money Heist to “Jaldi Aao!”


Hitting it out of the stadium.

• The asset garnered over 43 million views across channels and over 200 press mentions.

• Exclusive 24 hour access to MTV Network, IG reels posted by Sunny Leone, Rannvijay Singha and Nikhil Chinappa and the integration with Bigg Boss gave a cumulative social reach of 61 million. Netflix garnered over 20 press articles for the unique media integration.

• A lot of UGC reactions was observed with fans making reaction videos on Youtube, new versions of Jaldi Aao being created by fans, and a plethora of conversations generated across social platforms. It was the highest overall buzz generated by a single title asset in India so far.

Money Heist Part 5 became a pop culture moment in India with over 200 brands taking advantage of the buzz around the title and joining the conversation.

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