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AVRA from Eastman lets manufacturers knit fabrics using smaller microfibers than ever before. The creative idea had to be equally innovative. The trade stand centered on demonstrating AVRA’s unparalleled performance and feel with a virtual reality-led execution. The Samsung Gear VR experience had to feel “out of this world” so VR cameras were strapped to drones and flown through a range of treacherous landscapes stretching from slot canyons to salt flats, collecting footage of athletes outfitted in AVRA fabrics braving the elements with ease. Offering up a unique VR experience drew in an audience with zero awareness of the company or its products, immersing them deeply in the brand and leaving a lasting impression.


Eastman’s B2B customers are both experts in their field, and also just everyday people. The aim was to fire up their imagination and give them something inspirational that was beyond the expected trade show experience. The first step was the welcome kit. Sent out prior to OR, the kit positioned AVRA as a premium piece of technology and personally invited them to the booth. At the show, the Samsung Gear VR experience gave new meaning to the term “stress test.” Booth visitors were able to grasp the performance and feel of the product not only by hand, but by 360-degree drone-captured footage showing it in action. After the show, each member of the target audience was sent an AVRA-branded Google Cardboard – a VR platform for use with a head mount for a smartphone – bringing the campaign into their organizations and helping them sell AVRA to their colleagues.


AVRA was an an unknown product, from an unknown brand, promising something revolutionary in a category full of empty promises. Things didn’t look promising for Eastman’s grand entrance onto the performance apparel scene. Yet, by breathing an air of inspiration into the trade show experience, the post-show results were outstanding. Eastman generated 300% of the target number of meetings, over 150% of the target number of requests for prototypes, and as an unexpected vote of confidence, closed a high-profile sale within a week of the event — proving this was a trade show activation like “Never Before”.

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