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Do you remember how it is to be a child? Imagine you are small kid, put trough hospitalization process in monotonous and lifeless place. You feel stressed, sad, lonely and your treatment becomes less effective. We believe that good atmosphere and smile help children recover faster. This is why we decided to bring smiles back to children’s faces and create a family atmosphere in medical centers. Never Ending Story is the first nationwide cause related campaign of this scale and level of engagement in Bulgaria. Every week we send specially trained animators to the hospitals to spend time with kids, play with them, read books, tell stories, everything to help them feel happy again. Until now we ran over 1100 hospital visits and five supporting initiatives reaching out to over 6,500 thousands sick kids and making a step change towards transforming hospitals into more friendly places.


The campaign started in November 2012, since that time every week we have sent specially trained animators to the hospitals. In March 2014 the biggest hospital in Southern Bulgaria joined the initiative with the Easter Workshop opening event. Later this year the campaign programme was extend by external events, outside the medical centers. During first two events called “Donate a book, make a sick child happy!”, we gathered around 2000 books donated for sick kids in 4 days. It gave us recognition and support from local municipalities. In December 2014 we held “Christmas workshops” organized in partnership with National Children Palace of Bulgaria. In 2015 we launched The Photo art therapy. A very effective way to develop children's imagination and skills, which in turn contribute while dealing with a stressful hospital environment. In March 2015 we held the first media event in partnership with Nova TV and bTV.


The campaign made a step change towards transforming hospitals into more friendly places. We brought back smiles to more than 6 500 kids during their hospitalization, giving comfort to their parents and doctors. Over 96% of the surveyed children said that thanks to the Never Ending Story they feel more comfortable during their hospital stay. According to parents, the biggest success of the program is that it manages to help children in adaptation to the hospital environment and to improve spiritual health (85%). The Never Ending Story has received very positive social feedback, gathering almost 10,000 followers on Facebook from 2,5 million Bulgarian users and over 54,000,000 earned media impressions in more than 200 publications. Apart from this positive social impact the Never Ending Story campaign has also helped our brand reach the highest prescription level in the brand history with 95% of pediatricians prescribing the product.

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