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McCANN, Bucharest / DOMINO'S PIZZA / 2024

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Forget about pizza for a moment - let’s talk about the cool-young-hipster audiences Domino’s wanted to gain back. This audience is many things – one of which is: NFT believers. At the peak of the NFT craze it was the young digital-oriented crowd who believed that the future was digital art and cryptocurrencies. These were the people that invested large sums of money into NFTs - reaching up-to $69M. These were the people that were left with a lot of completely worthless NFTs.

This was the crowd Domino’s wanted back - the cool-digital-adapters of the culinary capital. The way-in: using Domino’s dependability positioning as an advantage - presenting pizza as something that never goes out of trend.

In order to take-over our audiences- we created a lighthearted campaign as native to them as possible while keeping with the core of Domino’s Israeli brand (bringing happiness) and global one (technology-oriented company).


How does one connect pizza and NFT’s in the most hilarious way? The big idea: with Domino’s pizza it’s easy to turn your failed venture into a scrumptious meal - making any worthless NFT into something delicious. From this insight, a one-of-a-kind campaign was born: “Reheat your NFT”, a buyback program in which any NFT owner could exchange their failed NFT for tray of steamy Domino’s pizza.

The basic layer of the program is simple: a simple trade that exchanges one burned NFT for (a hopefully not burned) pizza.

Then, for more valuable NFTs, we negotiated on chat and Twitch, allowing owners to get more consolation pizza for the bigger failed investments. Thus, we gave the sad, digital-oriented, NFT crowd something amazing to wash off the bad taste of their failed investment while securing a place in their hearts (and minds) for Domino’s pizza in a ruthless and hardcore market.


We looked at our target audience and we wanted to make them not only talk to us (and about us) – but also to buy from us. To do so, we needed to turn the failed ventures that they left in the backlogs of cyber-space into something that they are once again passionate about. To do that, we decided to give these lost NFT’s a new platform and a new sense of worth. Most importantly, we wanted it to be connected to pizza.

So, we created a simple equation: Domino’s will give your failed NFT renewed meaning (in the form of pizza) and in return, you will eat, think and talk about Domino’s. In essence we created a strategic exchange: establishing a platform to celebrate a precious (yet worthless) piece of art while at the same time building a uniquely strong connection with the toughest, most strategic audience there is.


The first step to NFT glory - let people know what we were up to. So, we created a video explanation that led straight to our designated website. The premise was simple: log on to your crypto wallet, burn your NFT and upload the proof. Once validated, a pizza was received instantly.

To be certain the process was understood: we collaborated with famous streamer NFT owners, who burned their own NFTs in-order to make the mechanics clear to all digital communities.

Finally, to turn it into the talk of the town we decided to incorporate the NFT mementos into the Domino’s universe: on limited edition pizza boxes, napkins, sauces, or pizza slicers - making an entire Domino’s-NFT special collection.

If that’s not enough, we even targeted world famous celebrities who heavily invested in NFT’s - and offered them truckloads of pizza. (Justin Bieber, if you’re reading this, we’re still waiting).


Tasty success!

Firstly - we got people to buy more Domino’s! Recording a 25% increase in both quantity and expenditure from the previous week and a 14.5% increase in quantity and 12.2% increase in expenditure YOY. but most importantly - we made our T.A choose us over all the (many) rest: with an 18% increase in quantity and expenditure in Tel-Aviv alone!

The campaign led 349 people to burn their NFT’s alongside 500 who tried to fake their way to our pizza - reaching an estimated $9.48M NFT worth. Domino’s created a frenzy in the NFT community and beyond: we reached 5 times more full views than the META benchmark with a small budget together with ~200K reaction on tiktok, ~10K website visits, reaching 48% more younger audiences on META (far from Domino’s regular reach).

Or as the NFT-er’s summed up themselves - “the best comfort food for my failure”.

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