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For the fans in Taiwan, a chance to meet with their favourite NBA athlete is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and only a tiny fraction of them gets the chance to see him in person during his short visit, so Nike wanted to create a long-lasting impression and excite the fans in a new way.


Kyrie Irving is famous for his unique dribbling style and fascinating crossover combinations.

Fans could only imagine what it’d be like to him, so we established the “Nike Trial Zone featuring Kyrie Irving”, a space that allows consumers to play up against the All-Star player, while testing out footwears’ product benefits, by using motion sensors and floor projections for a 1:1 interactive experience.


It's a new model that combined the allure of the All-Star athlete and an immersive 1 on 1 experience, while allowing the consumer to fully feel the product benefits, turning the limitations of space at the store into a unique retail service that attracts and further enhancing sales.

The ballers can not only enjoy the fun and excitement of challenging Kyrie Irving, but also pick out the shoes most suitable for their need during this process, creating a win-win for both the brand and the consumer.


• Implementation

Content capture of Kyrie was done during his visit to Taiwan, which was used not only on the hologram invitations sent out to local influencers that drove online buzz, but also at the retail space for an elevated interactive trialing experience where fans will get to defend Kyrie as if they were up against each other in a basketball game. A complex combination of technologies was leveraged, from motion sensors, laser detection, floor projection and lighting effects. The whole experience is synced with the consumer’s Nike+ membership account, documenting the results for each trial.

• Timeline

Launched on 2017/12/26 as a long-term retail service

• Placement

Key Nike retail store in Taipei, Taiwan


Hologram invitations:

- 20 influencer seedings

- 180K+ hologram video views

- 7.6M+ impression


•Kyrie 4 - the key product with the launch of the ‘Nike Trial Zone’ - achieved a 54% sell-through rate within the first month

Covert to member:

• Over 40% of the participants became a Nike+ member to keep a record of results

The ‘Nike Trial Zone’ featuring Kyrie Irving created a new shoe purchasing experience within the retail store, having the All-Star player at the store 365 days per year to help assist consumers to practice basketball drills to test out each shoe model, ensuring the perfect choice and further enhancing sales.

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