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AGÊNCIA3, Rio De Janeiro / DISQUE DENUNCIA / 2016

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Rio de Janeiro is the second most violent Brazilian city, with a murder rate comparable to war zones.

Most of this problem is due to confrontation between authorities and druglords, a decades long issue in the city.

Disque Denúncia was created 20 years ago to serve as a way for the population to contribute in the fight against violence. Currently, it is the biggest anti-crime hotline in Brazil.

One of the biggest challenges Disque Denúncia faces every day is to show that every tip and information counts, and that lowering crime rates can be achieved by fast and easy collaboration.

To tackle these challenges and raise awareness, we advertised this piece on a Rio de Janeiro newspaper. The idea was to spread a single, powerful message: with one phone call, any citizen can help render crime useless.

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