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McCANN ERICKSON, Bucharest / COCA-COLA / 2014

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As part of the “Crazy for Good” campaign, a global initiative launched by Coca-Cola dedicated to people who indulge in simple acts of kindness (donating unwanted items to charity, helping people cross the road or buying a stranger a bottle of fizzy brown drink), Coca-Cola Romania launched Radar for Good. The first app designed to facilitate local volunteering and to mobilize and support people who want to do good in the society right now.

The app works very simply: it scans the local area around each user and shows them exactly where they can help out right there and then, in locations such as soup kitchens, libraries, foster care houses, blood donation centers...

Once the users have made their selection, the radar will guide volunteers there, through walking GPS technology.

To make it all possible, we partnered up with hundreds of NGOs who registered their volunteering opportunities into our app and started promoting tutorials of the app using real people who genuinely helped those in need.

Soon, TV stars and popular figures of Romania joined the app and started to offer their help.

In just a few weeks after the launch, in a country with three times less volunteers than the European average, thousands of people downloaded the app helping out thousands of other people in need.


Soon, TV stations and stars joined in and featured our app within popular TV shows or displayed messages of support and actions of good deeds made possible through this app.

Worldwide press started to relate about Coca-Cola’s Radar For Good and people all around the world started to ask for the app to become a global platform, turning a local application into a possible platform for doing good all around the world.


6 times the industry average for click rate

Mouse-overs turned into songs and 85% engagement rate of the people who sang their hearts out over the phone

20,000 people felt part of the band in front of the festival’s stage

1 million people saw it on MTV

4.59 million media impressions

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