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J. CONNECT, Bangkok / SMIRNOFF / 2018

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Thailand's Songkran water festival has become synonymous with the biggest EDM festivals in Bangkok's RCA area, the Ibiza of Thailand. Each sponsored by an alcohol brand, including Smirnoff, these music festivals outcompete each other with bigger stages and bigger budgets every passing year.

With a total budget under 20,000 USD this year, Smirnoff simply couldn't match the bigger brands' music events. So came this Songkran, Smirnoff brand faced the challenge to set itself apart during Thailand's most festive time of year in the most disruptive and cost-effective way.


April 1 – Smirnoff announced the cancellation of its big Songkran EDM festival on billboards next to other brands' festival grounds. Instead, we told everyone to go home… and take Thailand’s top DJs to play in their bedrooms, courtesy of Smirnoff.

April 3-8 – On Smirnoff's social media, we offered to send our DJ lineup to play at selected winners' home venues under the condition that participators forfeit their tickets to other brands’ music festivals.

April 13-15 – We delivered the most radical DJ parties to 3 home owners who disavowed their EDM festival plans in the most dramatic ways. We live streamed the 3 "Non-Festival" house parties on Smirnoff's social media, stealing the spotlight from the biggest music festivals and setting the Internet on fire with excitement and envy.

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