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Approximately 8 million tons of plastic waste reach the oceans annually; destroying our ecosystems and endangering more than 700 species that inhabit them.

Corona beer is the world's best-known beer brand. Corona is synonymous with the beach and celebrating life in natural paradises, inviting us to take a break, relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Because of this, Corona seeks to protect all those paradises where people enjoy our brand. However, plastic pollution threatens all these paradises and jeopardizes oceans and marine life.

The objectives for this campaign were: Increase volunteer participation in our beach cleaning campaigns and raise awareness of the negative impact of the single-use plastic we dispose of in our oceans


We created a limited edition Corona bottle where we replaced the mythical "Griffins" a half lion and half eagle, and guardians of Corona bottles, with species in danger of becoming myths themselves. We replaced each Griffin with different endangered species, sea turtles, whales, seals, dolphins, etc. In turn, inviting people to become guardians and protectors of these creatures and join our fight against plastic in the oceans.


We went to our events and main contact points where legal drinking age consumers seek a moment to disconnect from the routine and enjoy a Corona with lime.

Because 60% of our consumers constantly enjoy Guatemalan paradises and had previously lived the Corona experience, we invited them to enter the paradises but from a different perspective. We gave them a reality check, showing what is sadly happening in the different paradises around the world and the country, transforming our contact points into a call to action (2 Corona Sunsets a month on rooftops and Corona After Hours in bars and restaurants).


In June 2019, when Ocean week is celebrated, we made a special edition of the corona bottle label that raised awareness on endangered sea species. We distributed this limited edition bottle, consisting of fifteen thousand bottles, in our events, bars, and restaurants.


After the campaign launch, more than 150 volunteers attended the first two beach cleanings, more than 253 Kg of trash collected per beach and more than 300K m² covered at the end of 2019. The subsequent beach cleanings increased by 20%, and by the beginning of 2020, we had an increase of over 40%. Approximately 19,800 people signed up to the beach cleaning network, 12% more than the number of bottles made. Brand awareness also increased 5% after Ocean's Week.