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Our solution: create our own technology. Introducing « Nosulus Rift », the very first virtual fart simulator. A world premiere only available with the new South Park video game during gaming conventions How does it work? Each time you push the fart button on your controller, you can smell it and truly experience the game.

To develop the Nosulus Rift, we’ve collaborated with a team composed of hardware and software engineers, designers and perfume specialists. By inserting an inaudible soundwave (that only the mask can detect) in the sound FX of the game, the Nosulus knows when to trigger the smell. From a design perspective, our main concern was to create an ergonomic and comfortable product to immerse the players in the game. Regarding the smell, we were able, after 25 attempts, to create the “universal fart” smell. Finally, we’ve had the agreement of Oculus regarding the naming


The first step was the creation of a proof of concept to make sure our technology worked. Afterwards, we’ve built the Nosulus Rift as a product that could be sold: all materials used (plastic, aluminium and plexiglas) follow EU regulations and industry standards. To date, there are 25 Nosulus around the world that were built in less than two months. All the masks were made in France. These devices were available for testing during several gaming conventions around the world. It all started last August during Gamescom which is the biggest convention in Europe (350,000 visitors). After, the Nosulus was in Seattle for the PAX West fair (approx. 70,000 visitors), in Birmingham for EGX (approx. 75,000 visitors) and in Paris for the PGW (approx. 300,000 visitors). In total, over the past 8 months, the Nosulus went to 23 different gaming fairs around the world.


The Nosulus Rift campaign was a massive success. Indeed, over 30,000 people have tested the device worldwide. But the number of people who have heard about the Nosulus is much higher. Here are the key figures:

- Almost 6M people have seen the commercial

- Less than a week after the launch of the commercial, almost 500,000 people had visited

- The PR media coverage was amazing: in total, 693 articles coming from 59 countries talked about the campaign. Among them, 60 were edited on major media brands: BBC, TF1, Mashable, Vice, IGN, The Independent, Die Zeit, …

- Several YouTube celebrities such as PewDiePie posted a video using the Nosulus. Brought together, these videos were seen by over 10M people

- There has been 17k tweets with a potential reach of 117,12M people

Moreover, pre-sales have outperformed the objectives by 15%!

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