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Inspired by the growing issue of world hunger, Campbell Canada employees took action and created Nourish, a first-of-its kind, complete meal in a can.- Designed for Food Banks Canada and international disaster relief.- Delicious and satisfying, low cost, nutrient-dense food.- Provides a full serving of three food groups, vegetables, whole grains, and 18 g of protein.- First use of 'Naked Oat' grain innovation, developed and grown exclusively in Canada.- Designed for disaster relief; with a pop-top lid and 24-month shelf life, it does not require additional water and can be eaten at room temperature.- Launched with initial donation of 100,000 cans to Food Banks Canada, made possible by negotiating with partner suppliers to donate ingredients and materials. - Sparked a social media campaign asking Canadians to join Campbell Canada in alleviating hunger by donating more Nourish - 100% of net profits fund more donations.


- Packaging design challenged the paradigm of a low cost food to improve quality and premium perceptions not previously associated with Food Bank food.- Previewed Nourish at 'Universities Fighting World Hunger' summit.

- Media, government and stakeholders gathered to launch Nourish and create momentum for the cause.- Generated high-profile, feature editorial coverage in diverse media outlets.- Creation and production of The Story of Nourish' short documentary to inform and inspire Canadians.- Fully integrated social media campaign on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and influencer blogs.- Breakthrough full colour, full page ads in Canada’s leading national newspaper reached influential Canadian demographic.- QR codes linked to Nourish documentary.- Extensive online ads and e-mail campaign.

Following initial launch, grocery stores featured displays of Nourish, enabling shoppers to buy and donate a can of Nourish for themselves. The net profits from every can sold in turn generated further donations.


At the time of this submission the 'Story of Nourish' has just launched but is already is starting to help hunger disappear.- An innovation first 'complete one meal can'.

- First commercialization of a new super oat.

- 1+ million can donations committed in first 6 months.

- 15 million media impressions.- Extensive media coverage in major broadcast, print and online media.

- 95% of YouTube viewers watched the entire film.- Ranked No.8 most viewed video in Nonprofit/Activism category in first month.

- 45,000 Facebook followers, exceeding all other Campbell global business units.- Nourish conversations continue to be passionately supportive.- 45 university & college campuses engaged.- Upon review of Nourish, the World Food Program has expressed interest in participating.Our goal is to inspire every Canadian to buy and donate at least one can, which will in turn donate 50 million more cans. Join Us.

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