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Ecuador is a country with fertile land where "everything flourished" but 41.8% live in rural poverty. Most farmers lives with less than $1.00 per day, in an unjust market that foments inequity by allowing buyers to dictate purchasing prices without taking into consideration the minimum feasible remuneration. There fore, 95 % of small farmers lack access to a value chain, as well as an agricultural machinery, training, technology, high-quality raw materials, and favorable loans.

We Decided to Launch the ?rst social project "Siembra Por Contrato" that promotes a fair model for farmers and consumers transforming it into a great beer: Nuestra Siembra.


1. Market: Selling 241.091 hectoliters in 6 months. This is the equivalent of 4% SOM in a non-expanding market.

2. 70% awareness, 1st ever beer made with Ecuadorian ingredients, 100% naturals.

3. Linking 1.000 farmers in the first year months. 7.000 hectares bought to produce Nuestra Siembra.


We Decided to Launch the ?rst social project "Siembra Por Contrato" (Sowing by Contract) that promotes a fair model for farmers and consumers transforming it into a great beer: Nuestra Siembra.

First we stablished our purpose and launched Sowing by contract , then we launched Nuestra Siembra as the first quality beer with a unique worldwide formula made from corn, rice and barley, Ecuadorian ingredients 100% Natural, capitalizing the global trend that we became "local lovers" and people wants to support national products and looks for more natural products.

In addition to guarantee transparency and traceability we use a revolutionary system, which allows farmers to understand their profits generated and buyers to check where their beer and ingredients come from.

To reiterate our commitment to farmers, we create farmers month celebration showing the first commercial in Kichwa (their language) in the history of Ecuador.



Bearing in mind the global trends and how local products and natural products became more relevant to the people, and how each day more consumers ask not only brands with a purpose but brands that walk the talk, Nuestra Siembra was born "as native social purpose brand".


Launching the first social program "Siembra por Contrato" (Sowing by Contract) which sets in motion a fair model for farmers as well as consumers and turn this into a great affordable quality beer made by Ecuadorian ingredients 100% naturals.


We bring together the local and the necessity for a fairer market and merged it together to create a social program that made the first quality beer with Ecuadorian ingredients 100%naturales. This way, we managed to get the government, media and public’s attention, that generated a free press never seen before in the brewery business without investing anything.


Pre-launch: In a land where everything flourishes, Siembra por Contrato ( Sowing by Contract) was born. A social and sustainability program that supports small-scale farmers with fair pay for their crops, technical assistance, access to better loans and better materials to work with.

Launch: Together we sow a new Ecuador. A month later, Nuestra Siembra was launched. From digital to out of home media, we wanted to reinforce the optimism and values of the farmers behind our brand as a seed for all Ecuadorians.

After all this, a 5-year 11Mio commitment was reached to give continuity to the program in different areas such as education, technical, sustainability and technology.

This way, hand in hand with our farmers, with a consistent program that guarantee farmers and consumers better conditions, this way we sow a better Ecuador together.


In Just 6 first months


1. Volume. Nuestra Siembra reached SOM of 12 %, surpassed the goal with 130 % compliance and making it the third most popular beer in Ecuador. A historic outcome in the category.

2. Repurchase. With a target of 35% repurchase in six months, it managed to achieve 154% compliance.


3. 1.992 farmers associated in just six months. 192% compliance rate in 6months for year objective. Over 30,000 productive chain beneficiaries.

4. Due to high demand, Nuestra Siembra achieved 96% of our ?rst year goal to purchase 7,000 hectares of crops for its production.


5. Awareness of (84%) after 6 months. Compliance rate of 120 %, 14 points ahead of the goal. And it managed to capitalize as a differential its main attribute of 100% natural ingredients.

96 % Positive sentiment on social media.Over 35K mentions 2.5 million interactions. +2.2 million in free

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