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The one thing Enid Blyton would tell you, is that every protagonist needs an antagonist. In the case of our mobile game, our androgynous protagonist, Nugget, has six antagonists who represent the forcefield that circumscribe the lives of adolescents. The idea was to personify the pressure points in an adolescent's life. We gamified this force-field.

Nugget creates a link between the virtual and the real world. The game idea brings alive a teenage player’s everyday experience of facing pressures from all around. In the process of swiping and scoring, we want players to recognise how these limitations can curb their aspirations and make them conform to stereotypes. Can they think while they play? Our user tests proved they can indeed, if every element of the game is designed right.

It is a simple and familiar arcade game that we have all played at some stage in our lives.


Nugget was launched on Google PlayStore on July 17th, 2017. In the 17th week (November 10-16, 2017). Since it was launched, Nugget was featured as the No. 1 new game (new and updated games section) on Google Play Store.

Nugget was also launched offline in August 2017 through a panel discussion, 'Games 4 Social Change', in New Delhi, exploring the role of games in social change. The panelists and the audience included game industry experts, development sector professionals and digital thought leaders.

Given the budget constraints, a small-scale, week-long outreach activity was rolled out across four Indian cities - two metros (Delhi and Mumbai) and two mini-metros (Indore and Lucknow).

An activation drive helped identify early enthusiasts ranging from 15 to 19 years. A digital marketing push with a token budget started soon after. UNICEF goodwill ambassador and noted Bollywood actor, Priyanka Chopra, endorsed the game on social media.


The game had clocked over 115,000 downloads with 3.9 Playstore ratings.? It had been played more than 192,000 times (sessions) in total, so far. Out of all sessions, 46% were played by new players, and 54% by returning players.The? average duration of each session was approximately 4 minutes, which was close to the usual average session duration of four minutes for casual games, according to industry experts.

Among the players, 62% were male, 18% female,?and 20% of unknown gender. While the gender split of players was heavily skewed towards boys - Underlining the need for more conversation. Nugget has started a conversation on the need for Games for Social Change in India which is imperative to move closer to the Sustainable Development Goals of gender equality.

Partnerships are being explored with RKSK (National Adolescent Programme). Unicef has plans to translate into multiple languages.

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