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ZENITHOPTIMEDIA UK, London / O2 / 2013

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O2’s 16-24 target market plan their offline lives through social media, so creative execution and media budget targeted the social space with sharable content:

20 inspirational Halloween looks, created by four fashion stylists and shot by a leading fashion photographer – via O2’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms.

10 ‘get the look’ videos, each featuring Blackberry Red as an authentic part of styling process, O2’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube platforms.

‘Going out guide’ to hip events for 16-24s nationwide, featuring relevant Blackberry Red calls to action,via O2’s Facebook platform.

Owned media was complemented and accelerated through peer-to-peer sharing, partnering a bespoke network of style bloggers:

Invited to Halloween-themed O2 launch event at the London Dungeon, with Blackberry Red woven into the experience.

Influencers given access to 02’s ‘Halloween looks’ videos and imagery, and invited to share among their own communities.


O2’s 16-24s target audience fully engaged with the content, and were moved to act:

‘Going out guide’ achieved an unprecedented 10% click through rate (higher than Michael Buble and Little Mix equivalent promotions).

‘Get the look’ videos received 258,000 views (12% above target)

4.7 million page impressions, including blogger activity (86% above target of 2.5 million)

The Halloween campaign, which used social media content and channels exclusively, resulted in a 158% uplift in sales of O2 on Blackberry Red, compared with weeks prior to campaign.

Campaign ROI was 400% (lifetime top-up value of customer and handset sales).

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