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O2 Music & Live Venue Partnership

O2, Berkshire / O2 / 2016

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All our activity is built around fan-focused activations that are varied and numerous. Combined together they offer our customers, and the wider gig going population, the chance to get even more from the live music. We aim to improve the gig experience before and during the events through tailored and carefully crafted activations that are present across all 20 venues in our portfolio.

The activations we have designed are each bespoke and are named and positioned accordingly (see execution section), but all of them are unified under one simple strategy.


-7,000+ events across 338 venues (not just O2 venues). O2 customers given access Priority Tickets 48 hours before general release for each

Across O2 venues

-3,500 shows

-O2 Angels: our fan ambassadors, on hand to ensure fans have a smooth gig-experience

-Priority queues: fast track entry into the venues - O2 customers + friends

-Priority rooms: VIP spaces for O2 customers

-Priority offers: Free cloakroom, drinks, merchandise offers

-Free O2 Wifi

-O2 Academy app: allowing fans to buy tickets, download show specific gig hub, invite mates via Facebook and see who else is attending

-Backstage Looking Glass: digital installation allowing artists to send images straight from backstage to fans via venue screens and Twitter

-Eventstagram technology, aggregating social content created by fans and artists shown on screens across the venue and by the stage

-O2 Academy TV – Youtube channel with exclusive live performances, live streams, artist and fan features


- The O2 venue portfolio received over 13m footfall & 3,500+ shows in 2015

- O2 customers were given access to 7,000 events in total covering over 300 venues

- 16.5% rise in brand consideration due to our music activity and association (Source: Telefonica)

- In 2015 we served our customers with 558,000 presale tickets across events from 2,330 artists

- 6,164,225 Priority Offers and Rewards were offered at and around our venues

- Awareness levels of 65% (The O2 sponsorship) and 55% (all venues)

- O2 is the brand most associated with music by UK music consumers (41%) beating all direct telecoms competitors and other brands such as MasterCard, Coca-Cola, American Express, Pepsi and Beats (Source: Havas)

- Credibility with artists & industry created and strong value exchange – no fees paid to artists for involvement in marketing or ATL Priority campaigns

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