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Recruit, retain, revenue. 19 Crimes will reach males and females aged 24 – 55, and appeal to current consumers who want to utilize the brand to help them standout, start conversations and show off their rebel spirit.

The Challenges:

- Wine category sales are currently down nationally 9% with entire age categories leaving the wine sector completely.

- How will the brand stand out on social media in an already noisy space, and connect with their consumer in a meaningful way?

- How will the brand achieve a national reach within Canada using the brands US social media account?

- How can a brand get creative on the above with budget limitations?

19 Crimes set out to acquire new customers in their target demographic, while building loyalty with their current consumer to drive 25% more sales.


19 Crimes enlisted three artists to tell their story connected to the brand’s tagline: Obedience Gets You Nowhere. Using documentary styled content, they shared how they challenged the status quo and channeled the spirit of non-conformity to champion stories of defiance. One winner would be crowned champion. Followers were encouraged to vote for their favourite story to win prizes of their own.

19 Crimes leveraged each artist’s existing social media platforms to extend the brand’s reach. Targeted boosting was also used to reach a new audience in a unique way by calling on them to vote for the artist from their province.

Taking it above and beyond a social media influencer campaign, the campaign utilised a microsite for voting and an ecommerce site showcasing the winning artist’s composition on a limited run of merchandise for sale, providing additional opportunities for the consumer to engage with the brand.


The 19 Crimes target bullseye is Men/Women, 26-30 years old with secondary being

Men/Women, 36-50 years old. 19 Crimes aligns with their personal brand, celebrates their unique interests, and shares a mindset of non-conformity, defying the mainstream.

Instagram and Facebook were used with Instagram as the main social media platform for its visual nature and extensive reach. Influencers were able to direct followers to the microsite through stories, posts and reels where votes were tallied with measurable results.

An influencer marketing and social listening platform was used to select and evaluate each influencer for their artistic influence, engagement, content, and local following. This evaluation was crucial to ensure representation in each province was authentic, would be well received in their market, in turn reaching the bullseye target demographic.

Targeted boosts were used to zone in provincially to support new followers for the brand and artists alike.


Video production crews captured video content creating stylized :15 & :30 second documentary videos for each artist in their studios, telling their individual stories.

Influencers shared both produced videos and user generated content over a two-week period. They teased the contest, shared their official videos and stories announcing the launch of contesting on January 29th, reminded followers to visit the microsite to vote for them until February 9th. Targeted boosted posts were also running on Facebook and Instagram for each artist in their respective province.

The custom branded microsite where Canadian consumers came to watch the videos and vote for their favourite artist for their chance to win prizing of their own.

A winner was selected February 13th with the winning piece to be featured on a limited run of crewnecks for sale. The exclusivity drove interest using sense of urgency to be a part of something unique.


Through paid and organic social media, the campaign garnered 2.5 million impressions with the brand seeing a lift of 2.7% in engagement on Instagram and Facebook as a result.

19 Crimes saw an increase in sales performing against all targets set out by the campaign. Boost in sales in all outlined markets as follows:

Ontario: 21%

Alberta: 7%

British Columbia: 5%

Video thruplays performed 430% overestimated which is attributed to the compelling storytelling and styling of the videos, as well as utilising strategic ad spends aligning with their appropriate calls to action. This was the most impressive result collected. We learned that when the consumer remains authentically at the core of strategies and tactic, the brand was able to connect more meaningfully with their target consumer.

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