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Olay launched an event in China focused on the theme of “future and innovation.” Attending this event were Olay distributors, members of the media, and skincare influencers who all came to find out more about Olay, how their products work, and celebrate the scientific feats behind their skincare. Among the presentations and product demonstrations, we created a VR experience for this event that was both futuristic and innovative. This experience gamifies what happens to the skin when dark spots and similar skin issues form, and how Olay products work to diminish them. All in VR, this experience elevates the traditional product demonstration for one that is equal parts fun and educational.


To show people what is actually happening to their skin when they use Olay’s powerful and precise formulas, we created a VR experience that is fun, interactive and educational. Basing the art direction on actual microscopic data of the skin, the experience is biologically accurate with added stylisation to make it visually appealing. The colourful experience gamifies the benefits of Olay’s products by challenging people to grab and mix various active ingredients like Retinol and Niacinamide with their VR controllers. Upon crafting the right composition, users will see how these formulas successfully treat dark spots and other skin issues at the cellular level for lasting improvement. The VR experience mixes science and gameplay to create a memorable way to learn about Olay’s products that is as engaging as it is fascinating.


We’ve entered an age of virtualization, meaning consumers are ever-seeking new digital experiences—and B2B audiences are no different. The most important thing B2B relationships are looking for is trust: in the product and company they are investing in. Our Olay VR experience allows buyers and businesses to understand the scientific merit behind Olay’s skincare products. With the help of VR, businesses are able to literally see Olay products working before their eyes, helping instantly clarify the fairly difficult-to-understand benefits behind the products.

For the other audience of skincare influencers, the VR experience is able to transport them to the skin and help them understand the root causes of common skin issues. This helps them stay more informed, giving them an extra boost of confidence when it comes to caring for their skin. All in all, the VR experience serves as a way to build brand trust and facilitate informed purchases.


The Olay VR Experience consists of three exciting environments: The Lab, where users are first introduced to Olay’s innovations; The Surface of the Skin, where users can see how skin issues are caused; and The Stratum Basale, the cells under the skin where users see Olay’s products work their magic. By having this tripartite narrative structure of a beginning, middle and end, we’re able to give users a familiar storyline to follow when learning about something unfamiliar. Each level leads the user a little deeper into the skin and magnifies the space a little more, helping them grasp the science in a digestible way. Additionally, each level comes with multiple interactive moments where users are asked to pick up molecules and mix their own formula. This keeps users involved and engaged, helping them ‘learn by doing’.


The VR experience was a crowd-pleasing success at the event, and garnered a lot of participation. It also transported China’s brand ambassadors and KOLs down to the skin’s cellular level helps people see the science behind Olay’s products and how they work to improve dark spots. It also helped P&G engage with more B2B opportunities.

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