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Older than Seven – A reflection on late adoption








Differently from younger kids, the older ones have already chosen which club to support. By believing that the passion for the same team could be a bond between parents and their children, we created a campaign called “Adopt a Little Fan”, the first adoption program supported by a soccer club.

Through the love shared by the club, we helped older kids to find a new home to live and parents to find the perfect kid to love. We dug deep into this cause. That’s why we made the short documentary “Older than Seven – A reflection on late adoption”, an inspiring film that demystifies late adoption with the help of parents, children and authorities testimonials.


The campaign had two big phases. The first one counted with two films to promote the campaign and the website, where it was possible to meet and get to know better each child available for adoption and also the adoption rules. Still on this phase, there were other actions to reinforce the campaign, such as banners during the games, radio comments, press conference and the testimony of the soccer player Marlone, adopted when he was a child.

The main point of the second phase was the release of the short documentary “Older than Seven – A reflection on late adoption”, which cleared in a more deep way all the adoption doubts with the help of specialists. With this, the campaign rebounded even more in the national scenario. “After the Seven” had over 4 hours of footage, edited into less than 10 minutes.


A national debate about the theme was initiated.

- The number of older children adopted rose from 632, in 2014, to 711 in 2015.

- Soccer clubs from other states showed interest in starting their own campaign.

- 41 Million in earned media.

- So far, 6 children were adopted and already living with their new families. The 37 children left already has parents interested in their adoptions, because the adoption process in Brazil takes a few months to happen.

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