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On the road, a telephone can kill 4/3


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France's Délégation à la Sécurité Routière (Road Safety Delegation) develops and implements policies to address the country's road safety issues. It raises public awareness on the many risk factors, and phone usage while driving is one of them. Indeed, making a telephone call at the wheel multiplies by three the risk of a road accident, and approximately one accident in ten is linked to phone use. When one adds all the other common in-car smartphone misuses (SMS, email, social media, photo, etc), it's understandable why telephones have now become a major challenge for Sécurité Routière in France. This is an issue that's particularly difficult to tackle given how rooted smartphones have become in the lives and habits of the French public.


In this campaign, we force every French driver to come face to face with their conscience. We challenge them by playing on the poor excuses they concoct to justify breaking the law. The French are all too aware that it's illegal to make a telephone call or send a text message while driving, and yet they still do it. Why? Because they believe that a seemingly urgent telephone call or important SMS are worth the risk. In this campaign, these are shown to be trivial compared to the tragedies they provoke. This disparity between the supposed importance of these calls or text messages and the resulting accident is graphically illustrated in the visuals.

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