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Once Upon a Time Everywhere

MJZ, Los Angeles / FACEBOOK / 2022







Featured talent Tyshawn Jones is a professional skateboarder who’s often regarded as one of the best in the world. His insane “pop” and innovative style of skateboarding has pushed the boundaries of possibility in the sport. He and his crew skate like no one else largely because they’ve learned like no one else – through video games.

“So when looking to connect Olympic skateboarding and the limitless possibilities of Oculus, the casting of Tyshawn and his crew was the choice at the heart of this work. This campaign celebrates the authentic stories of skaters using Meta platforms to find each other, broaden the culture, and push the sport forward, all of which apply to Tyshawn and co. The pairing is one between a technology that expands the world around you, and a skater who finds possibilities in the New York cityscape that no one else can.”

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