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Y&R BRAZIL, Sao Paulo / BIC / 2018


3 Shortlisted Cannes Lions
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Bic pens are well known for their practicality for numerous tasks: annotating, writing, calculating, but not drawing. Here we wanted to expose this side of the pen. Show what your 2 km load could do. So we invited 10 artists to create works of art made with just one Bic pen. They all received the same material: a Bic pen and a sheet of paper of 1.20m by 1.80m. Exactly the size they would be broadcasted in OOH. The materials were exposed for a week and took to the streets the experience of an art gallery in the main roads of São Paulo.


The artists were able to create their pieces freely, without strings, as long as they used only one Bic pen on the paper we sent: a sheet of 1.20m x 1.80m. At the end, the pen used in each of the pieces was glued on it and exposed in the OOHs. The result was 10 completely different works of art, which were exhibited throughout the city.


Bic pens are famous for durability. In this campaign, we have been able to prove that they last further. In the end, we exposed the pieces on 10 OOHs at the main streets of São Paulo during a week, impacting a total of 750 thousand people. And more than that, we have shown that a Bic is not only made to last. It's meant to inspire.

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