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One Kiss, one proposal

COPILOTO, Lima / UNICEF / 2016

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In election season, politicians resort to all kinds of strategies to win. Smile, using catchphrases and dance all rhythms. But there is something that never fails politicians: children.

During the campaign politicians have a habit of carry and kissing children and take pictures with them. The problem is that these demonstrations of affection rarely transform in solid proposals for them.

Thus, Unicef found in this age old political ritual an opportunity to change something.

#OneKissOneProposal is an initiative that says that if you are a politician and someone catches you kissing a child, you are bound to give a solid proposal for all children, which will then become part of the following agenda of Unicef.



The campaign was launched at the hottest time of the election campaign.

Taking advantage of the rumors of his possible candidacy, Gastón Acurio, a spokesman for Unicef and important opinion leader, launches the first massive call for the challenge through TV and Social Networks.

To extend the challenge to the political media, a press conference was carried out with the participation of leading figures in television news, classic challengers of candidates. In addition, recognized celebrities and opinion leaders joined the campaign, expanding the challenge on their own media.

Children were the main characters of the campaign, participating for the first time in the political debate, not only demanding but also proposing solutions.

We started to receive images of politicians kissing children. We challenged the candidates and received their proposals immediately.

Each proposal was shown on social networks, making a clear and public commitment.


With ZERO monetary investment and competing with the rest of political messages, we achieved:

92% of adult population in the country was reached via free media.

1 out of 2 people who use the Internet in Peru were reached on social networks.

The hashtag #OneKissOneProposal was a national trend on twitter just a few hours after launching the campaign.

US$ 1.5 million of free advertising.

For the first time, children became the center in the political debate, not only demanding solutions, but also proposing them.

People compelled 8 presidential candidates to submit solid proposals, which are already part of the follow-up agenda of UNICEF.

And most importantly: now candidates think twice before kissing a child, if they don’t have a proposal ready

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