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Insight :

People come the the Paris Motor Show to dream about cars and discover the future. The problem is that most of the the time you are just a spectator and can't really try the future (because you don't have access to concept cars). It creates frustration / deception. We wanted to create a real connection with the brand and the visitor (memorable experience).

The experience:

Visitors of the Paris Motor Show, the largest automotive show in the world, were invited to make themselves comfortable in a chair with a brainwave headset attached, enabling them to control the vehicle in front of them.

The headset measured brain activity and communicated with the Opel Astra, which was equipped with a remote start system that started the car when given the signal. Increasing certain brainwaves would trigger the device and turn the vehicle’s engine on.


How does it work?

This kind of smart headset catch and measure our brain activity. It was initially create to measure the decrease of brainwaves to help people meditate. We did hack the device to detect brainwaves increase when people focus on a particular action: starting the car.

Then we needed to work on the car (Opel Astra) that would be used for the experience since Opel cars didn't have any remote starter system. We worked with the brand engineers using arduino components to make it possible and safe for the Motor Show Visitor.

Then we needed to connect the previous systems: as soon as the brain alpha waves exceeds a pre-determined level, our homemade remote starter electronical system is turned on.

To help visitors know how much they should focus we sync leds to their brainwave so they have a visual indication (green = good / red = need to focus harder). Everything was synchronised using a local server (headset / led / remote system).

We needed to develop not only a prototype but a product capable of being tested by hundred of people during the 15 days of the Paris Motor Show.


Showing that technology can makes us more efficient, creative and connected: the first car you can start with your mind. An experience never seen before that places the participants at the core of the experience.

A branding that helps the brand gaining in awareness and consideration.

An automatic video capture system (split screen with the user's face and the car) to record each experience, & immediately send it by email to the participant.


1.5M€ media value exposure (100% earn media)

2417 experiences during 15 days, with users from 40 countries.

+ 67% Opel test drive (experience was strategically positioned nearly the test drive stand

+52% sales (vs 2014)

+ Innovation Award of the Paris Motor Show

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