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ANTI, Oslo / OPTIKER K / 2019

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“Optiker-K was established by Øystein Krogh, fifth generation in the Krogh family. We are a state-of-the-art optician with the most specialized optical equipment within our geographical area. The goal of Optiker-K is to reach our audience with a brand who can tell the story of our expertise gathered throughout decades. It have to fit into our strategic values of being equipped with the tools we need to do the work for our customers as a competent optician business.” Its a medium sized family business and the budget was approximately 25K USD. The project is implemented in 3 retail spaces and all the surfaces used to promote Optiker - K.


Optician-K is a well known optometry business in Norway. The K stands for Krogh. We discovered that the 10 letters from the original eye charts had never been fully developed as a complete typeface. So we developed a custom typeface based on the historical optotype charts, connecting the Optician-K brand and typeface directly to the craft of the optometrist.

The target audience are consumers who needs to visit the optometrist in nearby demographic of the 3 retail stores.


The typeface became the key element in the visual identity of Optiker-K. With the logo and pictogram programmed into the actual typeface as a ligature, we eliminated the need for separate logo files altogether. It is optimized as a brand typeface, while staying true to the original 5x5 grid principle of the optotype letters from 1862. By this Optiker-K communicates the decades long experience and expertise, through a simple and easy way to understand visual identity. The Snell letters were originally not built to work as a complete typeface, the individual letters are stylistically unrelated. We redrew the letters in font lab, in two character sets. The rounded one inspired by the O and C shapes; and a blocky one looking at the S.


The typeface Optician Sans was released in August 2018 for Optiker Krogh, Norway. the publishing of the typeface is used for print, magazines, merchandise and as the main component for retail design for the brand of Optiker-K. The font quickly became a hit on social media after an article on Medium and has been downloaded over 19K times the first week and had over 10M impressions + media articles in all the major magazines, Dezeen, Fast Company + +.