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Our objective was to take tooth-brushing to the next level, creating a better, more engaging and ultimately healthier tooth brushing experience leveraging data and technology.

Since the SmartSeries and Oral-B app’s soft debut at mobile world congress in 2014, initial results indicate improved worldwide oral care behavior in a number of important measures. The app and brush were only available for download and purchase from April 1 2014.

Oral care statistics from Oral-B SmartSeries and app use:

• A total of 83 percent of brushing sessions are over two minutes, with a global

average brushing duration of 2:24 (people brush only for about 45 seconds on average in Europe despite the dentists’ recommendation of 2 minutes min.).

• The Oral-B app has been downloaded over 350,000 times since launch in 20 markets.

• There were 87 percent active users in the month of December 2014 and the numbers stay constantly high.

• Approximately 60 percent of brushing sessions are leveraging the rinsing, flossing and tongue cleaning app reminders, for a more holistic oral care routine.

• The Oral-B SmartSeries with the Oral-B app has helped users achieve thorough

brushing across all quadrants and areas of the mouth.

• Average app store rating since launch (as of Dec. 2014): 3.4 stars

• On average, 79% of users would recommend the App to their friends and family (among 981 people answering the survey in Q4 2014)


The innovative electric toothbrushes of Oral-B have always been contributing to improve peoples’ oral health. But only now, creatively leveraging data and technology were we able to create a customized, highly engaging and ultimately healthier tooth-brushing experience.

The App is enhancing the physical product with valuable data services which become an integral part of the product experience as such.

The Oral-B App converts users’ physical brushing activity into actionable data. This data is on the one side interpreted into direct, personal and immediate feedback (e.g. “stop applying over-pressure” or „continue brushing in this specific area for 10 more seconds“ or “don’t forget to floss”). On the other side the data is visualised in a digestible way in achievement statistics in order to help the user to keep track of their brushing performance and improvements. User can share their compliance statistics with their dentist via e-mail, as a way to track and discuss improvement areas.

The use of data is therefore transforming how you experience your brushing performance and habits. And it shows how data can have a direct positive impact on consumer behavior.

Beginning in late 2015, the app will allow users to voluntarily integrate their oral care information into other digital programs by opening the API. This will create a seamless venue for users to holistically monitor their well-being, and could potentially provide an opportunity for users to be rewarded for good brushing behavior through various existing reward programs including product coupons or dental services.

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