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In 2019, Orange was the first brand to make a commitment to making digital technology more responsible and to include the commitment into its brand purpose and the bylaws of the company: As a trusted partner, Orange gives everyone the keys to a responsible digital world.

The fight against cyberbullying is central to making a more responsible digital world, for this reason Orange is sponsoring the Association E-Enfance.

Safe Zone is the next step towards fighting cyberbullying that meets three major objectives:

● Raise awareness and provide a concrete solution to cyberbullying in a place where the line between play and reality is blurred and help is hard to find.

● Boost the brand’s appeal with young people by positioning itself as the key player addressing issues of the future.

● Increase the perception of a committed and innovative brand.


Faced with this alarming situation, Orange has decided to install 21st-century phone booths in Fortnite and Roblox to fight cyberbullying: Safe Zones.

These Safe Zones provide two solutions:

• Raise awareness thanks to an educational part (quiz) that allows players to win rewards.

• Seek help through a button that redirects to a qualified association to help victims or witnesses of cyberbullying.

These zones have been set up in existing maps without buying land to create a clear difference between what is game and what is awareness.

As we know, legitimacy is key when you want to enter the world of gaming. As a network, the idea was to bring back the telephone booths and introduce them into video games. Recreating the privacy and safe feeling these ones can provide.


Today, 83% of parents admit that they don’t know what their children are doing on the Internet. The greatest threat to children is therefore not outside the home but in the privacy of their bedroom. Cyberbullied children are sometimes so young that they don’t necessarily understand what they are going through. Moreover, the bully doesn’t always realize what he or she is doing.

In video games, bullying can be mistaken for play. Teasing is part of everyday gaming banter. So much so that it becomes difficult to distinguish innocent humor and tease from harmful harassment and hate.

For kids, talking about their issues is not easy, they don’t even know who to speak to. That’s why it’s crucial to connect with their world.


Orange Safe Zones are spaces directly embedded in the heart of 6 Fortnite maps and in one Roblox game.

While respecting the identity of Orange, we have adapted phone booths to the world of gaming. The vertical structure and the protective aspect are preserved. It’s an airy, colourful space separated into two distinct parts:

-The first part is the alert. When the alert button is activated, a robot appears to ask the player if he is a victim of cyberbullying. If he clicks on yes, he is redirected to a safety room with country options. After choosing a country, he is redirected to a competent association in his or her country.

- The second part is an educational and fun space where players win rewards through quizzes on good online behavior (and more specifically on cyberbullying).

To raise awareness of the Safe Zone, we ran a campaign with gaming influencers.


The activation is a success.

1) Maximising awareness

As of 17 April 2023, there were 3 356 859 visitors to the maps where Orange set up its Safe Zones. Of these visitors, 2 000 530 used Safe Zone. This means that 60% of players who visit the maps have used the Safe Zone, showing the relevance of such operation. Orange and the association were able to promote emergency number and raise awareness on massive scale. In addition, influence strategy was successful as the influencers who relayed the operation recorded more than 932,000 views, enabling Orange to gain visibility on this subject.

2) Strengthening the perception of utility

Orange gained +9pts on the Meaningful item of its Brand Power. Meaning consumers consider the brand as useful and meets their needs. We can say that the Safe Zone campaign contributed, among other campaigns that were simultaneously promoted to this item.

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