Cannes Lions

"Original Is Never Finished" FW18

HUMAN, New York / ADIDAS APAC / 2019







In 2018, adidas Originals set out to create a film that professed a new creative philosophy: that creativity is an iterative process. That art and culture evolve through imperfect imitations over time. It started with an iteration of the '90s song “Keep Pushin’,” turning it into a fast-paced dance track. But in FW18, we iterated upon our track again.

We continued to build on the loops of the previous season. Every sound, tweak, and change transforming the danceable anthem into a thundering, industrial-inspired assault — building in pace and complexity.

Joining it, a film where every moment was a work-in-progress. From the digital loading symbols our generation knows and remembers, to unfinished sets and creators themselves.

Proving that out of repetition, comes iteration. And out of iteration, comes creation. Original is never finished.