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Having identified esports racing as the best opportunity to reach the next generation

of racers, Porsche wanted to create a new standalone brand and dedicated online platform for all esports racing. This would be no easy feat. The community was fragmented, with animosity between fans of different racing formats.


In order to bring the esports racing community together Porsche needed to unite them under a common goal. ‘The united fight for faster’ brings together this diverse community because no matter what game you play, ‘time’ is the only determinant of success. ‘Faster’ is the one thing that unites them.

Our name and identity for Overtake playfully expresses the duality behind the brand. From ‘Overtake’ a celebration of competitive racing, to ‘Takeover’ a community movement establishing a unified platform for all esports racing.

The identity is an iconic expression of the racer’s fighting spirit – an identity that races itself. Created from contrasting colours and ‘go faster stripes’, we capture the ever-changing dynamics of a race, from the precision of Sim racing to the fun of Mario Kart. With characterful twists and turns, our identity races itself until it has literally taken over.


At the core of the identity are 3 racing stripes in strong, contrasting colours. These dynamic stripes continually fight for first place, as they race playfully across the screen, and at times completely takeover the screen.


Since launch now has over 22,000 monthly visitors with an average of 170,000 monthly video views. All told since the launch in June 2020 their has been 4.9m total video views.