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OWNR - owning by leasing / Keyhole Logo

MUTABOR, Hamburg / OWNR / 2018

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OWNR will sustainably change the real estate market. Homes have been built for 8,500 years. Purchased for 5,000 years. And rented for 3,750 years. Now a new category enters the real estate market. OWNR buys the real estate and the customers can lease it and buy it later. OWNR needed a trademark that properly communicated their business model. The idea: The “O” in OWNR turned into a key hole and thus metaphorically created access to completely new living possibilities. However, the removed element of the letter didn’t just disappear, but it reappeared as the closing, colorful period at the end of the word mark. And it thus becomes the symbol for the successful closing of a leasing contract. The OWNR logo not only dons a modern design, but, at the same time, it also transports the central business idea behind the brand – all within a bold word mark.

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