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ALMAPBBDO, Sao Paulo / KISS FM / 2019

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Ozzy Osbourne had a long, crazy career. And thanks to that, he forgot multiple years of his life. Kiss FM, Brazil’s biggest rock radio, wanted to get the word out about their new frequency on the dial and to celebrate the Prince of Darkness’s farewell tour. So they decided to create a parting gift for him that would be memorable. Literally.


We researched the craziest stories from Ozzy Osbourne’s life, sifting through interviews with musicians, friends, and producers, and recreated a memory from a time that he had forgotten long ago: the story of when Ozzy went missing after a night of partying with David Lee Roth and the FBI tried to find him. After it was ready, we posted the film on Kiss FM’s page and tagged Ozzy so that the lost memory could make it back to its rightful owner – the Prince of Darkness.


After researching and collecting material, we recreated the memory in the form of a film and posted it on our main page. But how were we going to get it to the man of the hour? We called on the Kiss FM fan community, over the radio and via our official Facebook page (+1 million fans) to repost the video using the hashtag #OzzyForgottenMemory, tag Ozzy Osbourne’s official profile, write on his wall, and share the video in comments, on fan forums, etc. Anyplace that might help the message get to the Prince of Darkness.


More than a film, this was a present for rock fans – and, of course, for Ozzy Osbourne, who would be able to relive one of the wildest times in his life. And that’s what we were looking to bring out in the film’s narrative.

First, we turned up the craziest stories from Ozzy Osbourne’s life. Then we gathered images from the period, edited them together, and chose a soundtrack that would fit with the story and with Ozzy’s own style, to create a film worthy of a rock ‘n’ roll legend. A story from the past was brought back to life, thanks to the miracles of technology, image and video research, musical production, and editing.

We posted the video on our official page. In no time, our community was working away – sharing, posting, and commenting. One way or another, the memory was going to make it to him.


As soon as the video was posted, Kiss’s whole fan community was impacted. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive, and engagement was positive as well, since our listeners/followers immediately started doing their part to make sure that Ozzy Osbourne’s forgotten memory made its way back to him.

We were able to show that Kiss FM is the radio with the most rock cred in the country. The biggest rock station in Brazil.

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