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Being the second brand in the Israeli diaper market, Pampers distinctive position as ‘the baby’s expert’ was deteriorating.

The plan: Differentiate Pampers as the leading global expert of the stages of baby development and baby needs, and raise awareness about its unique line of diapers for each stage of baby development.Strategy: Create buzz and excitement about the brand while educating consumers about the concept of Babies’ Stages of Development, by bringing to life Pampers’ expertise through Pampers House - an exciting interactive live event open to consumers, in which each room represents a different stage of development.Activities: A holistic communication program based on influencer marketing elements through three concurrent channels:1. Journalist trip to Pampers R&D centre in Germany2. Partnership with developmental psychologist to endorse Pampers’ understanding of babies different stages of development 3. Pampers House exclusive launch event for celebrity mothers and children to generate word of mouthThe target audience were parents and guardians of babies up to 3 years of age. Our research shows that parents to babies will tend to search for developmental advice, tips and data. They perceive influencers and experts such as psychologists/scientists as well as media, as a reliable and trustworthy source for this information.


Pre-event: 1. Germany, September 2008: Top journalists visited Pampers’ R&D labs to meet scientists and experts engaged in the technology and innovation behind the product. The visit also demonstrated a few of the elements to be displayed in the Pampers House Event in Israel. Positive coverage promoted the event, which took place two months later. 2. We partnered with a local developmental psychologist and trained them with Pampers messaging so that they could act as a media endorser. They also joined the press tour in Germany.3. We distributed press releases and initiated articles describing the House and the opportunity it would give parents to experience the world literally through their baby’s perspective.During the event:We held a launch event for celebrities and their children in the Pampers House, in order to allow them to gain first-hand experience of the brand and its values. The Press were invited too, generating a buzz in society and gossip columns, thus generating additional interest about visiting the House.


The event generated massive media coverage:1. 110 press cuttings, 4 TV items2. Pampers became the category media coverage leader from October-December 2008, with 64% positive SOV compared with 21% market share (value, AC Nielsen) 3. October- December 2008, the two main players in the category contended with live public events. The amount of positive coverage was decisively in favour of Pampers (9 times the coverage achieved by its competitor) – (source: Yifat Media Information Analysis)4. Estimated financial value of PR coverage $400K presenting an ROI index of 1200% 5. The event recorded 27,000 visitors with very positive testimonials.6. 85% of the coverage included the brand’s messages on development stages through tips, articles and interviews with the developmental psychologist.7. OND sales increased vs. one year ago with an average index of I X 129.

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