Parking is not an art

TBWA\G1, Paris / NISSAN / 2017

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Nissan offers a parking technology called the Around View Monitor to help drivers park and maneuver in tight spaces. We were tasked with elevating the conversation about the Around View Monitor in order to change people’s perspective on parking. So we figured out the best places to talk to people about parking was where people park. The objectives were to get drivers talking about parking in a new way, to get drivers to look at marks and think about a technology, and to get drivers to see how parking is not an art. Ultimately, we wanted to enhance the brand perception in terms of innovation.


In a parking garage we created a gallery by framing all the marks made by parking cars. On every wall and column we framed the marks, even placing placards with titles for each artwork. The work also showed in print magazines and as huge posters of marks in the metro. As a guerrilla stunt we framed knocked over parking barriers, walls that had been scratched, curbs that had been marked, poles that had been scraped all over the streets of Paris. Then we created the first and last exhibition of a dying art form with real parking garage walls and columns at Paris’ Museum the Gaîté Lyrique. Visitors were confronted by the artwork wondering, “what is art?” in a space where parking had never been considered art before. The artwork was then put on eBay to be auctioned off to fund youth art programs.

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