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F.BIZ, Sao Paulo / UNILEVER / 2015

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Rio de Janeiro’s Carnaval is a celebration that, every year, brings thousands of people from all over Brazil to the city in search of fun and parties. But, unfortunately, many of them still have the terrible habit of urinating in the streets, leaving tourists and residents exposed to illness and foul smells.

Vim is a brand of chlorine gel whose mission is to disinfect surfaces and eradicate illness-causing germs. Because of this, the brand created the 'Party, not pee movement', including the participation of one of Rio’s biggest Carnaval street parties: the Bangalafumenga. Days before Carnaval, the party’s organizers posted an official letter to their fanpage canceling their parade, as a form of protest against people urinating on the streets. The news shocked millions of fans, celebrities and the Brazilian press. Days afterwards, they surprised everyone again and posted a video with the real reason for the cancellation: to alert people to the problem.

On this occasion, they also announced their support of the movement created by Vim. As expected, a flurry of messages supporting and criticizing the stunt flooded the party’s page. It was also discussed widely on news sites and vehicles as well.

Controversy was stirred and our objective was completed: we turned a situation about which little discussion took place into one of the most talked about and commented on issues on the internet in Brazil the week before the country’s biggest party.


With just two non-sponsored posts, we turned the problem of “peeing on the street” into one of the most talked about issues on social media, conversations between friends and news sites, the week before Rio de Janeiro’s Carnaval.

First, the Bangalafumenga street party announced suddenly that they were cancelling their parade, shocking fans, national celebrities and the press. Then, they revealed the true reason for the cancellation, confirming that the parade would, in fact, take place, and announcing their support of the Party, not pee movement, created by the brand Vim Chlorine Gel.


In just 7 days:

More than 333 million people were impacted on news portals.

More than 22 million people were impacted on Facebook.

The hashtag #Partynotpee was the #1 trending topic in Brazil.

Approximately 100 thousand people attended the Banglafumenga street party, establishing a new attendance record for the party.

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