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The idea was to explore the power of digital and empower Indians in three ways– Connectivity, Data Affordability and Device Affordability. Our primary research in urban & deep rural areas identified high price and difficulty to use a smartphone as barrier to internet adoption. Millions aspired a smartphone like device which is affordable and easy to use.

Therefore, Jio took up the agenda of offering to real India – Jio phone, a device that was extremely easy to operate and also came effectively free with a returnable security deposit of just 20$. For the first time, a feature phone was powered by voice search, regional languages, online payment interface, one touch applications and many more features becoming a one stop solution to education, empowerment and entertainment.

Jio Phone launch became a game changer and through an online flash sale we sold more than 6 million devices on launch day itself.


A feature phone with 4G LTE technology, unlimited data, free voice calls, multiple apps, cable for linking with TV for enabling a bigger screen, this phone is definitely ‘smarter’ than any other feature phone. It’s a launch pad for internet for many Indians and a tool for empowerment, education as well as entertainment.

It can do many things that its brethren can’t. Many first for a feature phones like video call, voice command and local language integration. The integration with entire Jio ecosystem facilitates JioCinema for movies, Jio Music, Jio Games with downloadable options on the device, local language integrations, JioXpressNews and also its JioStore with NarendraModi, Uber & BookMyShow App.

Additionally, an agriculture based app called JioKisan is also embedded in it empowering huge farmer’s community of India where they can monitor, control and also sell their crops effectively. A NFC based payments app was also put for enabling e-commerce for everyone through Jio Phones. Till now approximately 15 million phones are sold in last 6 months

The exclusive flash sale of Jio Phone became a history in Indian online sale selling 6 million handsets in less than 2 days.


In India, we added 15 million Internet users through JioPhones, empowering them digitally. A digital revolution was brought for those who could not afford internet through a smartphone. In long – term, we plan to get 500 million feature phones users currently without internet to step up to Jio phone and also add new mobile & internet users for the country.

It became a step-up for multi million people, getting empowered by Internet in form of edutainment and more. For the industry, not only we created new customers but also set a precedence and forced competition to launch a similar phones which were affordable and easy to use by many.

This launch will be remembered in the telecom history of India as well as the world. A digital economy can fast track overall economic activities. Hence the objective is to make India a digital powerhouse in years to come.

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