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MNSTR, Paris / DESPERADOS / 2019

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- Desperados is n°1 flavored beer on the french market and number 4th on the global beer market.

- For 20 years, creativity and urban art has been a point of expression for the brand.

- 2018, Desperados aims to expand its field of expression into the lifestyle and achieve a first activation in the closed universe of fashion.

- Budget 300 K€


- Convinced that young adults needed to challenge the status quo in order to create their own identity, Desperados pushed its positioning of anti-conformism to attract and inspire 18 to 24-year olds.

- We then imagined Patch Edition. The first “ready to wear” bottle label.

- Inspired by the big return of patches from the 1980s punk movement, we’ve designed a unique kind of branding. An embroidered PATCH that will simply unstick and then sticks on elsewhere to customize your look.


- To put its product at the service of their consumers’ style, Desperados joined forces to design the labels with 3 emerging Street Culture brands: Tealer, Wasted Paris and True Vision.

- In total 9 labels have been designed and produced.

- They 'wear' 6000 bottles that has been sales in a pop-store during 10 days at Citadium, the Paris hot spot for street culture.

- The designers themselves were holding showcases and workshops for the launch of the limited-edition bottles in front of the vistors and the biggest Parisian fashion influencers.


Over 2 weeks, 6000 bottles from the new limited edition were sold.

Desperados and creative studio networks broadcasted the “behind the scenes” of the project over one month: from design to clothing customisation.

This meaningful and widely discussed collaboration allowed Desperados to genuinely engage with fashion culture and achieved a global reach of almost 3 million people on the french Market; Showing that Desperados is still a source of inspiration, even in fashion.

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