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Three years ago, the war started in the Eastern Ukraine and no one was prepared: neither the country, nor the army. Civilians began to actively help providing for all the needs of the army to protect the country. But the time passed. Over the three years of war Ukrainians got tired of it and became bulletproof to regular appeals for donations for the army.

We proposed them not to donate but to pay for their peaceful sleep.

We created an alarm clock with paid snoozing. Every pull of the snooze button transfers money for the army needs. And while people continue sleeping, the military men guard their peaceful sleep.

Wake App in Peace became the system of microdonations that allowed Ukrainians to support their army every day and night without constant reminding.


We created a mobile application which used the clock built in a cell phone with alarm clock and payment system.

The design and sound of the new app communicates the main idea: help the army guard your peaceful sleep.


Despite the limitations of the banking system, we have developed a software solution that allows the alarm clock to process multiple money transactions without having to receive individual payment confirmations.

Besides that, we have had to overcome a list of complications typical for both iOS and Android platforms, i.e.: impossibility to execute some tasks once within several seconds; prolonged launch of an application (we’ve decreased the time from 4 seconds to less than 1), etc.


To create our logo, we combined two well-known symbols – international symbol of peace and clocks icon. That has given us an extremely recognizable logo which reflects perfectly the name and idea of the application.

We have created the interface that is simple, easy to use and intuitive. Clean and attractive design ensures smooth navigation throughout the app. Green colors they use are convenient to operate with in any lightning condition. Calm green of the alarm clock doesn’t hurt your eyes, even if you just woke up.

Also, we have paid attention to the design of the snooze button. The button resembles a coin and to snooze one has to “drop” it in a coin jar symbolizing donation.

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