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MEDIACOM GERMANY, Dusseldorf / MARS / 2011

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Step 1: We set about educating dog owners and vets in a credible way. Working with the Society of Veterinarians we created “Healthy teeth for healthy dogs”, an education programme designed to tell the professionals how important it was to raise the issue at clinics. The programme consisted of direct mail, and dedicated vet seminars.This also gave us a brand-free PR platform to alert dog owners and get them to question their vet.

Step 2:Targeted main grocery buyers and positioned Pedigree DentaStix as the easy solution for canine oral care. TV ads used a “spokes-vet” to retain credibility we told pet owners how to take action.Print advertorials showed how DentaStix worked and enabled them to get more information and samples.We visited dog fairs, dog schools as well as regular walking areas with a Dentamobile, and made sure that DentaStix also stood out at point of sale.


Both stages of the campaign succeeded Step 1: 360 vets took part in our seminars.39,000 samples were handed out at clinics.Awareness of canine oral hygiene rose 144%.Number of dog having their teeth checked at vets increased by 60%.Step 2: Awareness of DentaStix increased 56%.It is now regarded as the best solution for canine oral care.120,000 starter packs were ordered.Number of DentaStix buyers increased 7.8%.Frequency of purchase rose 10%.Sales are up 23%.

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