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The revamp of OnePA, a one-stop public services and community portal for Singaporeans to access affordable courses, facilities, interest groups and community events, delivers an aesthetic functionality while ensuring accessibility and convenience for users of all ages. Its unique properties include door-to-door ticketing system, which transforms every grassroots leaders into a Point-of-Sale to sell cashless ticket sales for community events by marrying a mobile-first eCommerce flow with QR mechanisms.

Singapore is a small country with a big heart, and her Goliath spirit of community was what we hoped to capture in the design of OnePA – a community portal for Singaporeans. We made accessibility, efficiency, and discovery as the portal’s pillars of design, exemplified through the use of readable fonts, mobile-first layouts, and personalised components. These elements came together to construct a portal that enabled citizens of any age or ability to find social spaces they could call their own.


OnePA caters to 3 different user groups – Members of Public(MoPs), Grassroots Leaders(GRL), and Interest Group Leaders(IGL).

For members of public, the platform enables discovery and honing their passions and adventures seamlessly through affordable course, events, interest groups and facilities at your nearest community clubs and centres. To do so, we enhanced the exploration experience by providing smart recommendations to users based on their past transactions and indicated interests, and easy to use navigation derived from cognitive mapping of activity groupings. Further, search by map view is provided to facilitate quick search and booking for popular facilities – a feature welcomed by many badminton court bookers.

Finally, replacing manual handling of event ticket sales, we have transformed every grassroots leader into a point-of-sale system (PoS) by equipping them with a portal to conduct transactions, collect money digitally, in doing so, immensely improving fund collection process from purchase to reconciliation.


Adopting agile methodology to design and develop the website, we conducted over 80+ remote user testing consisting of in-depth user interviews, usability tests, card sorting, and eye-tracking studies, in sprints over 10 months to understand the needs, pain points, and behaviours of MoP, GRLs and IGLs who frequently access onePA.

Our design core is putting people first. Our design that invokes a sense of calm, welcoming, understanding, and positivity in a chaotic world that embraces accessibility, personality, charm and encourages togetherness. We further built an accessible Design Visual Language, creating products in a scalable and repeatable way to achieve cohesive experience for all.

We wanted our designs to be unified to drive greater efficiency through well-defined, reusable and cross-platform components so that regardless of multitude of platforms and devices, features and designs are still synchronized. We set a new standard by driving this to an evolving design ecosystem.


Value to Brand & Members of Public: One of OnePA’s biggest aims is the reduce the over-the-counter queries and transactions at the community clubs and centres. Designed to amplify self-help for users, the newly designed portal provides a seamless and efficient search experience while providing users recommendations to explore their interests in depth, as well embark on new adventures and experiences recommended to them at an affordable price.

Value to Grassroots Leaders: With a point-of-sale system, GRLs are able to conduct door-to-door event ticket sales in a fuss-free manner and enable cashless payments. Resultingly, GRLs save on time and effort required to reconcile funds collected with the event organiser and safely make sales without fear of losing cash collected from ticket purchases.

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