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OMD CHILE, Santiago / PEPSICO / 2008

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The Viña del Mar Song Festival is a very important annual event held during the summer. What we did was to take advantage of the only chance we had of displacing Coca Cola as a sponsor, and decided to take over the event so as to create synergy between our communication and all the hullabaloo and noise this event usually generates.At the same time we came up with the idea of intercepting the contents of “Lola” a local soap opera with top rating. We took advantage of the fact that its plot takes place in an ad agency, so that this generated the campaign that Pepsi was launching as the official sponsor of Festival.Right about the time the Viña Festival was starting, Gastón, our make-believe creative and key character in the soap opera’s script, wins the campaign which is aired just when the real campaign begins.


90% increase in its Top of Mind during the fourth quarter in 2007.

162% increase of its Top of Mind compared to same quarter of 2006.In First Preference, Pepsi grew in the 20-24 year-olds segment from 0.7% to 5.4% showing a real impact in sales due to media innovation.

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