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BBDO ARGENTINA, Buenos Aires / PEPSICO / 2016

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To break the mold of the typical music festival and to make Pepsi Music more attractive and keep it alive, we created The Pepsi Music Underground: The first festival below the city. We used the H line subway in Buenos Aires, where the entrances, platforms, tracks, and stations acted as supporting scenery as well as publicity for the event.


The Pepsi music underground took place in four stations of line H in Buenos Aires on Saturday at midnight, when the subways were not running for the public but used exclusively for just our purposes.

The fans were divided into 4 groups with one group, entering the subway, at a time. They traveled from one station to the next, or you might say from one stage to the next, got off and enjoyed the music of each band on the platform and moved on. In addition, during the journey between stations, they enjoyed mini music performances inside the subway cars.

At each station Pepsi set up a place for the fans to watch the band performing on the platform across the tracks.


In the context of big concerts targeted towards the same segment the proposal to celebrate the experience of a festival in a unique place generated a high level of participation and was amplified by young people in social media.

56%+ of the comments in social media were about the festival

623K+ Interactions

78% of conversations were about the uniqueness of the experience.

88% positive feeling

$350K Earned Media

3MM impacts

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