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Y&R, Lima / MOVISTAR / 2015


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As technology is the brand’s flag, Movistar created “Perú te llama” (“Peru Calling”), an application designed to awaken a sense of patriotism in all Peruvians. Using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, all one had to do was scan the name of the historical figure encountered in a street or square and one immediately got a call from that important personality, telling Peruvians a little about their history and inviting them to continue the task of building a better nation. In strategic terms, it was brilliant because these kinds of messages are not easily consumed among a population that is traditionally not very keen on reading, and there is no doubt that the last thing on people’s minds during the national holidays is talking about history.

Not only did the app manage to turn historical figures into relevant news 500 years after their time but, for the first time, a telecommunications company got 100% positive feedback for the campaign.

As Movistar is a foreign company in Peru, it has a double task: to connect all Peruvians and to grow increasingly closer to their national identity. For the first time in Peru, Movistar has run a campaign with 100% positive PR indicators. All impressions in social media were positive; approximately US$ 150K was generated in earned media just during the first launch day. Major opinion leaders backed the campaign and, on Independence Day itself, the most downloaded app in the Entertainment category was “Perú te llama”.


A social media amplification strategy was developed (Facebook and Twitter) based on a grid of contents which relied on the drawing power of influential people behind Movistar. Facebook and Twitter were used as channels to encourage people to download the application to their smartphones and live the experience. The brand’s celebrities commented on their experience with the app on Twitter, inviting people to tweet using the hashtag #Perutellama.


This was the most successful campaign during Independence Day in Peru. Telecommunication companies often meet with resistance on the part of the users. This happens in Peru and all over the world. Rarely does a campaign launched by this sort of enterprises achieve results that are 100% positive among users. Some of the final results are the following:

13´945,088 impressions

302,292 clicks

100% positive mentions

48% more downloads than forecast

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