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EUROSPORT, Issy-Les-Moulineaux / EUROSPORT / 2018

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A singular, cohesive visual brand across every touch-point and activity was devised. From the initial identity tease 100 days before the opening ceremony through to the entire brand transforming over the fortnight of the games, the consistent, impactful and radically different identity cut through. It marked an unexpected change to every Eurosport brand interaction: a sensationally different experience to the recognised identity.


An entire brand experience for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games - the first of the flagship events to be hosted by Eurosport.

With the games held in South Korea, the identity was fuelled by contemporary Korean culture and presented winter sports in a way never seen before.

The system is inspired by the landscape of the region; a bespoke typeface and pictogram set was crafted that references Hangul letterforms; and art direction pulls heavily on a neon K-pop video influence.


Hailed as the first ‘digital Olympics,’ Discovery/Eurosport’s hosting of the PyeongChang Olympic Games across all platforms has achieved a staggering 58% total European population viewership, with 4.5 billion video views and 1.7 billion total hours of video watched.

This included 4000 hours of Eurosport coverage, 900 hours of live action, and up to 1000 Social-first, short-form video assets generated each day.

386 million people experienced the PyeongChang Olympic Games with Eurosport.

We’ve exceeded the expectations of our audiences and users, our partners, the press, and other key stakeholders. This total rebrand has been recognized, praised and celebrated across the board as we've built enormous amount of awareness and new brand value for Eurosport, Discovery and our relevant broadcast networks.

While the PyeongChang Olympic flame has gone out, our Discovery/Eurosport flame is shining brighter than ever.

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