Cannes Lions

Picking Teams

O POSITIVE, New York / AUDI / 2017







Audi Global’s new online film #PickingTeams sets FC Bayern Munich’s soccer stars loose on the streets of New York City. It’s Thiago and Boateng vs. Ribery and Vidal, picking the best civilians for a one-off game. Ribéry and Vidal take to the streets in their Audi A4 in search of creative and extraordinary athletes for this challenge. Audi connect is on board to help. Boateng and Thiago on the White team in their A4 with connect technology, are also on the lookout for the most talented people for the game. Scouting is creative and unusual—from Times Square, Chinatown and Washington Square Park over the Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn. At the end of the day, five New York athletes stand alongside the respective captains. And excited spectators gather around the fenced, synthetic turf playing field in Sara Delano Roosevelt Park on the Lower East Side. All cast were real people.

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